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Khuôn dập Đài Loan

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CHENG YI Corporation Group. is established on is established in 1983 has operated with the corporate philosophy:


  Main products at the beginning is designing of precision tooling and manufacture for crimping terminals, due to products of our posses are superior stable characteristic and reliability, therefore growth of markets is very rapid.

In order to meet the required growth with connector markets that also development the HOUSINGS, SLEEVES FUSE HOLDERS and WAFERS to offer total solutions for customers and in automobile as a level 2 suppliers.Among the continuous growing process, the quality system is ISO/TS16949 certificates, and safety regulation by UL and CUL certification in most of our products.

 CY - strategy of management with the persistence technique independence, develop by the technique, produce the manufacturing, the marketing adopts oneself a whip the integration of method managements.

 CY - relentless pursues the connection technology of future including Automobile Connectors, Motorcycle Connectors, Medical Equipment, Construction and Electronic Machinery and Consumers Connectors, Home Appliances and other connecting parts...etc.